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Smart activity breaks at the office

Smart Break is a cloud-based workplace wellness solution designed by specialists. The state-of-the-art software provides automated workout videos, exclusively designed for office workers who sit too much. The key is to build movement variety into the normal workday through smart activity breaks. The 3 minute breaks make you feel better instantly. Run Smart Break on your smartphone, tablet or workstation - anytime, anywhere!

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Easy to start, easy to maintain

To create a good habit, the number of steps required to perform that habit should be decreased. This is exactly where Smart Break comes handy, as it provides the intuitive and necessary tools. You don't need any exercise equipment or prior knowledge: you're enough! Once you start Smart Breaking you will notice how easy it is to stick to your new routine.

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Smart Break - Rewarding

Motivation through rewarding

The Premium version of Smart Break comes with a convenient and easy-to-use rewarding system. Just select the appropriate time period, e.g. the previous two months. Then press a button to execute a randomized draw among the persons who participated during that time period. Every single workout is taken into account. More Smart Breaks = a bigger chance of winning!

Action creates results

We tend to skip breaks in the name of "getting more done", even if we know that lack of proper breaks reduces our working efficiency. We also know that prolonged sitting is bad for our health. Is there a quick fix for that? Fortunately, there is. Science tells us that five minutes of exercise per day is enough to boost our physical well-being. Smart Break creates action, and action creates results. A simple and cost effective solution compared to expensive ergonomic office furniture.

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Smart Break Products

Smart Break Free

Smart Break Free

  • 30 day free version of the Quick product
  • Basic functionality (automated workouts for upper body and lower body)
Smart Break Quick

Smart Break Quick

  • Quick version of the software
  • Basic functionality (automated workouts for upper body and lower body)
  • Ideal for brief physical activity breaks at the workplace, e.g. meetings

Monthly or annual fee based on number of employees

Smart Break Premium

Smart Break Premium

  • Premium-version, ideal for daily use
  • Individual user accounts
  • Premium functionality (automated workouts for upper body, lower body and cardio)
  • Comprehensive stats for all levels (organization, team, and individual)
  • Follow-up reports
  • Rewarding system

Monthly or annual fee based on the number of login/password users

Take a Break!
2-3 Minute Workout
Works Anywhere
Instant Energy Boost
Feel Alive


From the news

Nine To Five Vitality interviewed Johan Boholm from Smart Break and reviewed the product.

Reviewer's notes on trying Smart Break: "I’ve been trying out Smart Break for a few days and I’ve found all the micro breaks and activities to be very well-suited to office work and clothes – there’s nothing there that you can’t do in work! It’s also a lot more of a workout than I was expecting, which has been great. The interface is simple and to the point – you won’t get lost or distracted – just straight to the activity breaks."

Taking activity breaks with Johan Boholm

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